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For forty years our wine community has supported Auction Napa Valley with boundless generosity. Together we have given over $200 million to care for the Napa Valley community. This is a truly breathtaking achievement!

Auction Napa Valley set the standard for world-class wine events, and we are humbled to have inspired others to create countless events here at home and across the United States that have raised funds for many other worthy causes.

Pausing our Auction due to the global pandemic allowed us time to reflect on all we have achieved and gave us the space to envision what our future might look like. In the spirit of innovation, the Napa Valley Vintners and Auction Napa Valley Boards of Directors have unanimously determined that is it time wrap up Auction Napa Valley in its current format and redefine how a world-class wine region fundraises for the good of its community.

In June 2021, we will not be hosting the Auction. We will take the next year to dream, brainstorm, debate and create a completely new platform for giving, one that we hope will inspire others for the next 40 years.

Join us in raising a glass to all the great things to come!

Auction Giving

Investing in the Napa Valley Community

Auction Giving

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