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Video: Marianne's Story

Every family faces challenges.
Marianne, a mother of an eleven-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son, had more than her share.

Learning a second language, finding adequate housing in an area where that is extremely difficult, accessing basic services such as doctors’ appointments without a car and perhaps most daunting, contending with the maze of obtaining legal immigration status for her husband and the bread winner of the family.

Once Marianne and her family started working with COPE, everything changed.
Marianne’s case worker at COPE was unrelenting in her support for this family, calling every day her husband was out of the country to make sure the family was OK, guiding Marianne through endless immigration paperwork, connecting Marianne with ESL classes, helping find a three-bedroom apartment in which the family, now reunited, has thrived.

In short, bringing this family together and into the community, laying a foundation for success for Marianne and her children, and for generations to follow.