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Video: Judy’s Story

When Judy Crabb first started taking exercise classes at Rianda House, she didn’t really consider herself an “older person.” She wanted to stay active and stimulated, she wanted to stay social and growing.

Life, of course, threw a curve ball, when her husband, Milton started forgetting things, started not finding the right words. She had read that Rianda House provided a social worker, who did brain assessments, which was a blessing, as she then helped Judy and her husband Milton make an appointment with a neurologist.

The Alzheimer diagnosis was devastating to both of them. But in the midst of that devastation was the support they found at Rianda House. Milton tapped into a brain fitness class that he loved, that he attended every week. Even when he could barely speak anymore, we went and his response to Judy when she asked how the class went was “good, good.”

Judy immersed herself in a caregiver’s support group, where she found new friends, friends who were walking the same path as she was.

Without these programs offered at no cost, Judy and Milton would not have been able to find this sanctuary and support during the most vulnerable days of their lives. Because of the support of bidders such as yourself, this latter part of people’s lives are made less lonely with more dignity.