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Napa Valley Vintners Announces Funding to Help Build Stronger Families

St. Helena, CA—At a time of year when the strength and sanctuary of home and family take on their most poignant meaning, the Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) today announced its third phase of Auction Napa Valley giving with investments to help build stronger families in Napa County.

The organizations receiving more than $600,000 in grants and serving some 11,000 Napa County residents, half of whom are children, include American Canyon Family Resource Center, Calistoga Family Center, Cope Family Center, ParentsCAN, Puertas Abiertas Community Resource Center and St. Helena Family Center.

Collectively, these organizations reflect family resource center models, acting as safe, accessible places that reduce barriers for families to connect with comprehensive, coordinated services to become more stable and self-sufficient; address needs before they become a crisis; incorporate healthy life choices into the fabric of their homes; and provide parenting, academic, life and work skills that add to the wellbeing and productivity of children and their families and the community as a whole.

"The Napa Valley is blessed to have a vibrant spectrum of nonprofit organizations working to support and strengthen the individuals and families that make up our communities," said Randy Snowden, recently retired director of the county's Health and Human Services Agency. "Those of us who have worked in government know that the government can't – and shouldn't – do it all. Local organizations like these understand the varied needs of our diverse communities and are uniquely suited to both serve, and advocate for, families who are striving to improve their health and economic self-sufficiency. These agencies and their programs are absolutely essential to the long-term economic and social sustainability of our communities."

Each of these organizations has proactive, preventative and potential-reaching programs that use focused intake models to accurately assess a family's most pressing needs and make highly targeted referrals and employ outreach activities, including home visits, to meet those needs compassionately, effectively, and efficiently. In addition to raising the social cohesiveness of the Napa Valley community as a whole, the economic impact of these early intervention support programs is commonly understood to produce great returns to the individual clients and to society in general, saving taxpayer money and increasing economic productivity.

"The trust we establish with our clients is key to them embracing the resources we offer in building self-esteem, new skills in which to parent and provide their children with support in reaching their academic potentials, and tools toward emotional and economic stability and growth," noted Rejane Brito, executive director of Puertas Abiertas in Napa. "Being part of the community, and funded in great part by community partners such as the Napa Valley Vintners, makes a world of difference in our ability to connect directly with the people who walk through our doors."

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