Recent Grantees

An exciting new investment – We recently grandted $6 million toward OLE Health's new South Napa Campus slated to open in 2018, which will serve more than 15,000 patients annually. Read more.

We make grants from Auction Napa Valley proceeds to agencies within Napa County that are meeting a documented, demonstrated community need in the areas of community health and children's education.

Our goal is to invest deeply rather than broadly to have a meaningful, measurable impact on the community. The majority of grants support organizations providing programs for Napa County's neediest residents, focusing on strategies for prevention and early intervention.

Based on these priorities, Napa Valley Vintners awards grants from its Community Support Fund to provide substantial and typically unrestricted funding to a core group of about 25 organizations that work within the long-term priorities.

Creating a Healthy Community

Enhancing the Emotional Health and Wellbeing of our Community

Building Stronger Families

Promoting Safe, Happy, and Healthy Aging

Inspiring Our Youth To Succeed in School

Initiatives and Capital Projects

Our giving model also provides for significant funds to major initiatives that fall within the long-term strategic priority areas that can meaningfully impact the community. This may include capital projects deemed to offer substantial benefit to the community. For example: