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Auction Style

From casual to dressy, don't shy away from adding a dash of personality and style to your Auction Napa Valley wardrobe.

Vintner-Hosted Events

Vintner-Hosted Events

Ranging from Napa Valley casual to Wine Country elegant /cocktail, be sure to check your assigned party description for suggested attire. Come prepared for warm days and cool evenings, especially for outdoor events. And don’t forget a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen if you are out in the sun.

Napa Valley Barrel Auction

Friday Barrel Auction

Napa Valley casual/festive. Depending on the weather, which usually is very warm, attire is somewhere between casual and festive. Comfort is key as you will be walking the expansive grounds and within historic stone buildings. There will be plenty of shade, but if you look great in a big hat, this is a perfect venue for it.

Live Auction

Saturday Live Auction

Napa Valley festive. This is the day to show your flair for summer style. Colors, hats, accessories and great shoes! Be prepared to walk on the lawn when choosing your shoes. Weather is a factor; usually it is very warm outside, but the Live Auction tent is air-cooled. Bring something warm for the al fresco evening and possibly a second pair of shoes when the dancing starts or as a reprieve from your showstopper strappy sandals.