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Venge Vineyards

Venge DLCV Cabernet Sauvignon ~ The Awesome Effect

  • 3 bottles of Napa Valley wine

Awesome is a heady, giddy recognition that the risks and the efforts engaged to achieve a goal have resulted in a series of spectacular results. DLCV is the ultimate benchmark of greatness in our cellar. No question about it.

What makes DLCV a significant work is the sheer effort to produce just two barrels of wine. In Kirk Venge’s words, “My winemaking inclination is to make more, not less, of a wine that is purely outstanding!”

Acquired decades ago, by Kirk Venge’s late mother and father, this location is the anchor point in the production of our DLCV Cabernet Sauvignon. This spectacular wine, DLCV, is named after Dianna Lynn Venge, the mother of the winery. She was the sole investor in Kirk’s winemaking dream. His dream was her dream for him.

The 2015 vintage is the fifth made of DLCV. If it is not considered a “perfect” rendition of the vintage, it is not produced. Period.

Just two barrels of this wine were produced.

This lot includes three signed bottles of Venge DLCV Cabernet Sauvignon, Oakville, Napa Valley presented in a collector’s wooden keepsake box.

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon
3 – 750ml (Standard)