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Arkenstone Vineyards

Magnetic Mountain Magnums (Wine of, Relating to, or Characterized by the Earth's Magnetism)

  • 6 bottles of Napa Valley wine

Arkenstone Vineyards is offering six very limited library magnums from high on their Arkenstone Howell Mountain estate.

The rocky, well-drained volcanic soils and surrounding forests - along with abundant sunshine and warmth throughout the growing season - translates into wines that are recognizable from vintage to vintage. When tasted side by side, they give you a window into the subtle seasonal differences Mother Nature has sent Arkenstone's way.

Rarely do you get a chance to savor large format consecutive library vintages.

Very few of these magnums are produced by Arkenstone, making them an exciting offer for this very special Auction to support education and health care in our Valley.

From Arkenstone Vineyards' beautiful earth to your cellar!

Estate Red Blend
2015 Red Blend
Howell Mountain
1 – 1.5L (Magnum)
2010-2014 Red Blend
Howell Mountain
5 – 1.5L (Magnum)