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Tour, Tasting and a Case of CONSTANT Wine

  • 12 bottles of Napa Valley wine

  • Exclusive tour and tasting for 6 guests in the CONSTANT owners' private home, overlooking the Napa Valley

This exclusive lot is a glimpse into what makes the CONSTANT Diamond Mountain Vineyard such a unique and undiscovered gem at the top of the Napa Valley.

Specifically selected to showcase the terroir of their three estate vineyards at the peak of Diamond Mountain, these wines embody the singular location and microclimate of CONSTANT Diamond Mountain Vineyard.

The cool-climate, Cabernet-lover's Syrah is another beautiful representation of the southern side of their mountaintop property.

Along with a case of two verticals, enjoy a private tasting of current releases for six guests in the CONSTANT owners' home.

Perched high above the Napa Valley on the summit of Diamond Mountain, CONSTANT is one of the region’s highest wineries and one of Napa's last great unsung estates. Producing exceptional premium wines since the early 1990s, CONSTANT specializes in wines that beautifully highlight the unique microclimate and volcanic soil of Diamond Mountain, high above the clouds and overlooking the Napa Valley.

With vineyards that straddle the ridgeline dividing Napa and Sonoma, CONSTANT has a history of working with some of Napa Valley’s top winemaking talent and producing remarkable, highly sought-after wines, available by allocation only.

2009-2014 Red Blend
Diamond Mountain District
6 – 750ml (Standard)
2009-2014 Syrah
Diamond Mountain District
6 – 750ml (Standard)