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Tom Scott Vineyard

A Small Production Field Blend From the Heart of Napa Valley

  • 6 bottles of Napa Valley wine

  • Tour for 6 guests in Tom Scott Vineyard with owners and viticulturists Tom and Lauren Scott

  • Five-vintage vertical tasting for 6 guests with Tom and Lauren in their beautiful 100-year-old barn 

  • Country style luncheon paired with library wine for 6 guests

This lot features a six-bottle vertical of Barn Burner Cabernet Sauvignon from the 2010 to 2015 vintages.

You and five friends can experience what the old Napa Valley was like by walking the fields with the owners/farmers who work the vineyard to produce world-class fruit. You will hear their thought process as they discuss each plant, noting its history, determining how to help the vine set the best possible canopy while looking to next year's structure.

Their wine, Barn Burner, is a classic red field-blended Cabernet Sauvignon. The field is planted 80 percent Cabernet, 10 percent Merlot, 7 percent Cabernet Franc and 3 percent Petit Verdot. Each year, the harvest determines the blend of the wine. These wines are a reflection of the terroir, and they are a direct expression of the vines.

After walking the vineyard, you'll sit and taste five vintages of Barn Burner and hear the back story of each vintage - learning about the unique circumstances that produced variations that can be smelled and tasted.

Then join Lauren and Tom in their home for a wonderful lunch; enjoy great food, great company, and great wines!

Barn Burner
2010-2015 Cabernet Sauvignon
6 – 750ml (Standard)