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Saint Helena Winery

Double Magnum and Private Tasting at Saint Helena Winery

  • 1 bottle of Napa Valley wine

  • Private tasting for 6 guests at the private winery estate on Pratt Avenue in Saint Helena

This lot includes a rare double magnum of Saint Helena Winery's flagship Sympa Cabernet Sauvignon. The bottle is etched, hand-painted and signed by the winemakers Aaron Pott and Lindsey Wallingford.

Four guests will also enjoy a tasting of their wines at the private winery estate located in St Helena. Relax and enjoy the views on the veranda while you sip a selection of current vintages of their estate wines.

The winery estate on Pratt Avenue is not open to the public.

Sympa Grand Reserve
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
St. Helena
1 – 3 Liter (Double magnum)