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Spoto Family Wines

Family Reserve Cabernet Franc

2018 Cabernet Franc
Release Date September 2021
  • There is very little Cabernet Franc planted in Oakville.  We are fortunate to produce 1-2 barrels annually.

  • 2018 produced one of the finest Cabernet Franc vintages in the last 10 years.  Full bodied with an incredible midpalet.

  • 90% Cab Franc, 5% Cab, 5% Merlot.  This wine will be aged over 30 months in custom french oak.  

Stuart Spoto

Stuart Spoto, Winemaker

Two things really, good grapes and cleanliness. This is a very minimalistic approach but solid advice given to me by my father years ago.
Country Born
United States
Winery Experience
30+ years
Studied Chemical and Civil Engineering at UC Davis

Stuart Spoto learned the art of winemaking from his father Henry Spoto Jr. and together they have been making family wines for over 30 years. This family collaboration has greatly influenced Stuart to create his ultra-boutique winery (producing less than 500 cases per year) and perfect his Oakville Cabernet and Bordeaux blends.