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Laird Family Estate

Suscol Ranch

2019 Merlot
Napa Valley
Release Date February 2022
  • Inaugural release of the Suscol Ranch Merlot - Our most prestigious merlot vineyard.

  • All the grapes are estate grown.  The Laird family owns the most land under vine in Napa Valley.  

  • We select the top lots from Suscol Ranch and create a special blend from the barrels that are showing best.  

Brian  Mox

Brian Mox, Winemaker

Passion for pinot noir and bordeaux reds. Outstanding skills and creativity.
Country Born
United States
Winery Experience
20-30 years
Degree in Chemistry - MIT
Department of Viticulture and Enology Graduate Work - UC Davis

Born and raised in the Midwest, Brian had family roots in farming and food production. He worked in the restaurant industry in Seattle, where he acquired an interest in wine. Realizing that wine related to his interests in food, science, history and agriculture, he began investigating the field of winemaking. He completed his first harvest in 1989 with Hargrave Vineyards on Long Island while completing his Chemistry degree at MIT. Arriving in Napa in 1991, Brian worked in the cellar and as an enologist. Brian helped setup Laird Family Estate in 1999. He has worked with Etude, Lewis, Darms Lane, and now is the full time winemaker for Laird Family Estate.