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Blackbird Vineyards

15th Anniversary Cuvee

2017 Red Blend
Napa Valley
Release Date September 2019
  • A single barrel composition of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot

  • Sourced from prominent vineyard sites ranging from mountaintops to the valley floor of Napa Valley

  • Custom 15th anniversary blend for Auction Napa Valley

Kyle Mizuno

Kyle Mizuno, Winemaker

Country Born
United States
Winery Experience
15-20 years
UC Davis
Mentor: Aaron Pott

Kyle Mizuno never planned to be a winemaker. He went to University of California, Davis study biochemistry with the intent to become a pharmacist, following in the footsteps of his Uncle, whom he admired. Sadly, his Uncle passed away before Mizuno’s senior year. At the funeral, he met his Uncle’s boss, an extremely successful pharmacist, who was applying to UC Davis to study winemaking. This both puzzled and intrigued Mizuno. Why would someone excelling in their field want to change careers? In his senior year, Mizuno decided to take a Viticulture and Enology class with Carole Meredith who is known for her work in grape genetics. Despite his interest in winemaking and passion for wine, Mizuno nearly failed the course. Years later, when working with esteemed winemaker Aaron Pott, he reunited with Meredith and they shared a laugh over his failed course.As one of many biochemistry graduates from UC Davis, there was tough competition for the few available positions. At the annual job fair, there were only three bioscience companies and each were seeking interns. After speaking with each bioscience company, he decided to explore lab position opportunities with a few of the 100+ wineries in attendance. He was offered a position at Franciscan Estates and began his career in the wine industry. Over the years, Mizuno has worked with many well-regarded winemakers:including, Michel Rolland, Heidi Barrett, Philippe Melka, Helen Keplinger, Sarah Gott, and Aaron Pott. Pott has been Mizuno’s mentor since early in his career.In addition to Franciscan Estates, Mizuno has worked for Quintessa, Kenzo Estate and directly for Pott. Bespoke Collection is excited to have him as the winemaker for Resolute Wines and support Pott with the Blackbird Vineyards portfolio.