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Prime Solum


2017 Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley
Release Date June 2021
  • Perched on the western facing shoulder of Atlas Peak, the Brokenrock Vineyard produces wines of extraordinary depth and character

  • The 2017 vintage had warm days and cool nights with few heat spikes

  • Opaque black, classic Brokenrock solum – impressive dark fruits and coffee notes with savory flavors, a complete mouthfeel and refined tannins

William Hill

William Hill, Winemaker

Great wine is born in the vineyards.
Country Born
Winery Experience
30+ years
30+ years developing American Grand Cru vineyards.

In the early 1970s, Bill, fresh out of college and newly returned from living in Europe, discovered the wine business. He was especially fascinated with the principle learned in Europe that 'The Primary Determinant Of Wine Quality Is The Vineyard.' At this point Bill decided to build a career on the quest to create vineyards equal to the best in the world.

In 1974, this aspiring winegrower moved to Napa to develop his first vineyard. Over the next 39 years, by collaborating with and learning from many of the brightest thinkers in viticulture and enology, Bill created methodologies for the identification of ideal climates and soils, and for the design of state- of-the-art vineyards.

Utilizing these lessons and methods, Bill and his associates designed and developed dozens of prime vineyards up and down the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington. Perhaps the strongest testimony as to the quality of these vineyards is drawn from the list of fine wine makers who have sourced fruit from vineyards designed by Bill, some of whom are described in the table below.

While creating this vineyard legacy over 39 years, Bill and his associates found time to create a few wine brands to include William Hill Winery, Bighorn Cellars and his current portfolio consisting of Expression, Tetra ( Napa Valley) and Prime Solum (Napa Valley). These small production wines sourced from vineyards designed by Bill have received strong critical review and represent the culmination of a long journey.

Bill currently lives on Brokenrock Vineyard in Napa Valley with his wife Tina and their two dogs.

Patrick Mahaney

Patrick Mahaney, Winemaker

Let the fruit show the way!
Country Born
United States
Winery Experience
20-30 years
University of California, Davis with a BS in Biochemistry.

As winemaker for Prime Solum, Patrick Mahaney oversees all aspects of wine production. With extensive winemaking experience in Napa valley and around the world, Mahaney is well equipped to create intense yet balanced wines with true Napa Valley character. Before coming to Prime Solum, Patrick spent over 20 year at Mondavi where he was one of the most senior winemakers. Additionally, Patrick has a strong educational background that includes a degree in enology from University of California, Davis.