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Staglin Family Vineyard

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley
Release Date October 2019
  • A special selection of 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon from 26-year-old vines grown in the best soils on our estate

  • A heritage clone propagated from vines originally planted on our estate by Andre Tchelitscheff in the 1960s

  • A single barrel chosen by our winemaking team and family for its elegance and unique expression of our historic estate

Fredrik Johansson

Fredrik Johansson, Winemaker

It's been turned into a cliche these days, but it really is true: winemaking starts (and in most respects, in my opinion, ends) in the vineyard. Wines are, or at least should strive to be, a reflection and expression of time and place, so work as hard as you can or need to in the vineyard to help the vines produce their best possible crop, then don't mess it up or be too heavy-handed with it in the winery. A few guiding words: Respect, transparency, texture, balance, elegance, and varietal correctness.
Country Born
United States
Winery Experience
10-15 years
University of California, Berkeley - Political Science & English. Mentors: Thomas Rivers Brown; Micheal Twelftree/Matt Wenk; Michel Rolland. Internships: Two Hands Wines, Australia
Honors / Awards

I previously worked with consulting winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown, taking the traditional route of an apprentice to acquire my knowledge and expertise. I began my 'education' at Nicholson Ranch in Sonoma, continued it at Two Hands Wines in Australia and honed it further at Outpost Wines on Howell Mountain, where I also oversaw several of Thomas' consulting projects, including Schrader Cellars and Maybach Family Vineyards. Since 2007 I have been the winemaker at Staglin Family Vineyard where I have had the fortune of collaborating with two legends in the industry, Michel Rolland and David Abreu.