The Napa Valley Vintners Welcomes You to the 35th Annual Auction Napa Valley

From our valley-wide family of vintners to yours, we thank you for joining us for these four days in June known as Auction Napa Valley. During our time together, we’ll gather at tables, under tents and in the shade of valley oaks in the spirit of sharing as we enjoy our finely crafted wines, the fruits of our culinary creativity, our open-hearted hospitality, the rolling hillsides and vineyard vistas. It is this spirit of sharing that then transforms the lives of tens of thousands of the people who make up the mosaic that is Napa Valley.

Behind every ticket purchased, paddle raised and winning bid loudly applauded, there is a quieter side of Auction Napa Valley: a father turning the page of a book as he reads to his daughter and helps her begin a lifetime of learning; a teen taking a different path, one of high self-esteem and a promising future; a family once frayed finding its way back to wholeness and contributing to the cohesiveness of community that we strive for and treasure.

Like the land and soil and vines, our community requires careful tending and nurturing—a covenant of care that we, through your generosity, can cultivate child by child, family by family, and day by day from the earliest moments of life to the daily challenges of elder living. There is so much beauty to be shared during Auction Napa Valley. Imagine the light lingering at sunset as the hillsides turn indigo and candles are lit; friendships born of a conversation with our winemakers in the intimacy of their cellars and homes; the flavors of Napa Valley as expressed through culinary wizardry; and, of course, the extraordinary wines and experiences that winning bidders will take home.

But perhaps the most profound beauty is that of your contribution toward the collective good of families looking to create beautiful lives of their own.

Thank you, merci, gracias,
The Opus One Team
Honorary Chairs