True Warriors of Wine

  • 10 Bottles of Napa Valley wine, as noted
  • 1 Golden State Warriors Championship Ring (2015/2016)
  • 5 Golden State Warriors signed jerseys from the starting players
  • VIP Courtside experience for 4 people at a Warriors home game in 2017
  • Napa Valley Estate Dinner for 4 people with the proprietors of Tusk Estates & Amuse Bouche Winery

Precision and teamwork. These forms of excellence led the 2015 Golden State Warriors to a World Championship. They are also the hallmark of a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between two legendary winemakers. On the Left Bank, Philippe Melka, with Tusk Estates's muscular style of Cabernet Sauvignon; on the Right Bank, the First Lady of Napa, Heidi P. Barrett, with Amuse Bouche’s elegant blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot. It is, perhaps, Napa Valley's greatest backcourt of all time, and we are delighted to bring you the result: your very own Methuselah (6L) AND 6 Magnums of this never before or again bottling -- a championship-caliber wine.

This wine is as pure and breathtaking as a 50-footer at the buzzer by Stephen Curry, as smooth as a Klay Thompson jumper and as powerful as a high-flying slam dunk by Draymond Green. We caution you not to spill the precious contents on your signed Warriors jerseys (one from each of the starting 5 players) as you admire your very own Golden State NBA Championship Ring, designed by Jason of Beverly Hills and endowed with a distracting 3.70 carats of diamonds and sapphires and 60 grams of 14kt gold.

Lest you are concerned about running out of wine, this lot also includes a unique, commémorative 5 L Jerobaum of Amuse Bouche/Warriors wine signed by the players, as well as one signed Magnum each of Tusk Estates and Amuse Bouche from their inaugural vintages. The proprietors of both Tusk and Amuse Bouche will invite you and your 3 guests to sample additional liquid treasures during your estate dinner in Napa Valley (subject to available dates). Your Bay Area visit also will include a VIP courtside experience for 4 people with the owners of the Golden State Warriors at a 2017 home game (subject to mutually agreeable dates).

Rarely in life does teamwork, precision and elegance come together at this level. A perfect pairing of wine and basketball made possible by Amuse Bouche, Tusk Estates and our friends, the Golden State Warriors.

Special thanks to the Golden State Warriors, Joe & Nicole Lacob

1 x 6L Methuselah of Tusk Estates/Amuse Bouche Winery, Melka/Barrett blend 

6 x 1.5L Magnums of Tusk Estates/Amuse Bouche Winery, Melka/Barrett blend

1 x 1.5 L Magnum Tusk Estates 2008 (inaugural)

1 x 1.5 L Magnum Amuse Bouche Winery 2002 (inaugural)

1 x 5 L Golden State Warriors Jerobaum, player signed